Tecnologia proporzionale

per controllo fluidi, liquidi e gas

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in machines, cutting system and laser welding

The strengths of our proportional valves are: Control, precision and repeatability, regardless of variations in back pressure, speed and nozzle diameter.

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in filling system

Our proportional valves regulate pressure keeping it controlled with repeatability precision, regardless of changes in volume, speed and fluid level.

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in blow molding machines
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Technological culture and
strategic objectives

Research, development and production

The growth of a technological culture able to pursue the corporate strategic objectives in order to expand the horizon progressively, is the hub of the research and development activities carried out by our company.

A technological governance activity that involves everybody and foresees a diffused and continuous alignment of the skills that we boast with those that we shall gain joins and interlaces with the efforts that we put in searching for new elements, in reasonably re-defining the scenarios of what is possible to accomplish.

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Proportional Technology

Our proportional valves offer the possibility to control and regulate a fluid based on an electronic signal

This technology has become the optimal solution during the last few years for the growing need to electronically control, with extremely high precision and remotely, an increasing number of parameters such as pressure, capacity, level, dosing, etc, of gases and liquids, optimizing therefore the productivity of a system.

This system guarantees that the pressure or capacity value set by the control circuit is actually present downstream the proportional valve used.

Our products

Diwal offers MLS products on the market, partner for valves with proportional control electronics.